Arne Jacobsen ‘s Swarovski’ s Repro

With curly lines, Swirl

Swan is simple but elegant. He creates freshness and personality indoors and brings a smile to both the younger and older designer’s face.

The Swarovski Wheel is undoubtedly one of Arne Jacobsen’s best-known design. The tool was manufactured in Copenhagen
Ordered by Radisson Hotel in 1958, and with its flowing lines it was innovative and
an unforgettable solution. Until now, the Swan chair can be seen both at home and in public areas all over the world.

The PlushDeco Swan has a cast glass fiber frame, a stainless steel base and a seat filled with high quality polyurethane foam. That makes him a companion for life. The cover is made up of cashmere wool of different colors or Italian polish wool.

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Blue, Blue green, Denim, Gray, Green, White, Yellow


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